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Career Cheerleader / kəˈrɪə(r) · tʃɪə(r)ˌliːdə(r)

Defined by Moss & Co, a Career Cheerleader is someone who connects exceptional people to high-quality opportunities within
Professional Services.

Since inception, we’ve vowed to do things differently for candidates – but what does that exactly mean?

For us, it’s all about going above and beyond for people who entrust us with their careers. It’s a pretty big life change – so we want to make sure that we nurture and guide you, every step of the way.

Our Approach


Because that’s what we all are! An impersonal, cold process simply isn’t how Moss & Co operates. We treat everybody with respect and kindness, whilst honouring that each career journey is different.


Honesty is key, even if it means we don’t achieve the desired outcome. We believe in candour and encourage our candidates to do the same.


We want to connect with people for the long-term and watch them grow. There’s no greater achievement than helping someone progress over time in their career.


Being warm and personable is just who we are!

What our candidates say about us…

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