Personal Assistant vs Executive Assistant

Do you need a PA or an EA? and, what is the difference?

Is there a difference between a Personal Assistant and an Executive Assistant?


As an Employee or Manager, you manage your Personal Assistant

Whereas an Executive Assistant manages you…

Traditionally a Personal Assistant would work for multiple authors and is given duties and
responsibilities by them

An Executive Assistant on the other hand, gives themselves duties and responsibilities and
manages your life

Typically an Executive Assistant was someone who supported at C-Suite level or a Managing
Director, and a Personal Assistant was someone who sat within the support team, looking after
Managers who reported into the C-Suite level team

I think things have changed in recent times, and now EA is used more broadly

However, at some firms, the above differences are still used to determine the role

Do you still think there is a difference between the two?

PS. There are heaps of other terms used in the Legal industry now, so it’s hard to know what each one means…

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