Should you ask questions in your interview?

Asking questions at the end of your interview not only showcases your interest in the role, it is also a chance to find out some more information to support you in your decision making.

When asking a question at the end, you may find out additional information that you did not know about the firm or the role – which perhaps you wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t of asked that question.

To gain what you can from the interview (you’re interviewing them as much as they are you!) Have at least 4 to 5 questions handy to ask at the end, this way if some of them get answered throughout the interview, you’ve got others spare.

Some examples –

‘’You mentioned XY and Z, can you elaborate on that for me?’’

(As long as that makes sense)

“What does a typical day at this organisation look like?’’

(Great question for someone Junior/Starting out)

‘’What do you personally like most about working for this organisation?’’

(Great question if you’re interviewing with someone who is in a similar role to what you’re applying for!)

‘’How would you describe the team’s culture?’’

(Depending on the industry you’re applying for, every team has a slightly different culture, it’s good to know if you’re interviewing for a quiet team, or for an extremely social team etc)

‘’What is the mentoring/support like in this role/team?’’

(Great question if you’re new to the industry, or even new to the sector you’re applying for)

“What are the next steps”

(If you feel the interview went well, and would like to know the next steps, ask!)

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