Why is it important to keep your finger on the pulse on the latest within your industry?

When you work within a particular sector, it is so important to keep up to date with the latest salary bandings, benefits that firms are offering and which sectors within your industry are booming.

What’s great, is that we research your industry on a regular basis, so you don’t have too!

The days are long gone, where free fruit or a coffee machine made a workplace desirable. To attract and retain top talent, organisations are having to be smarter with the benefits they offer.

According to SEEK research – And now that job security has become key, candidates are looking for at least a 10% – 20% salary increase when moving roles. Candidates are hesitant to move to a new role unless they get exactly what they are looking for!

Whether you’re a job seeker, or an employer looking to fill an opportunity within your team. It is important to understand what firms are doing to attract and retain their current staff. If you’re an employer looking to boost your chance of finding good quality candidates, it may give you some ideas on what your competitors are doing and whether you can make any changes your current offering, not just on a salary basis.

As a Job seeker, you can make sure that you are in the right firm, and right role for your long-term career. If you’re looking to start a family soon, a benefit such as a 26-week parental leave cover may be very attractive to you. Therefore, when looking at new opportunities in the market, be sure to look at them from a long-term perspective.

Research your industry on a regular basis to know where you and your firm stand in the market.

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